You have never worked with an SEO agency like us

We help fill your firm get more cases.
No excuses, Just cases.

One Client Per Region

We don’t take on multiple clients per region like other agencies do. We only work with one Criminal Defense firm per region.

No restrictive platform

We move you to the WordPress platform and you own your website forever. With zero website hosting fees.

We only work with Criminal Defense Attorneys

Unlike other agencies that take on anyone and everyone. We only focus on SEO for Criminal Defense Attorneys, and we get results because it is all we know.

We focus on one thing

Unlike other agencies, we are not the Walmart of digital marketing.

When facing federal charges, the smart money is on a criminal defense attorney, not a general practitioner.

SEO for criminal defense attorneys is all we do. We know exactly what to do to bring in quality consistent cases, month after month.

Why start from square one with anyone else?

We are accessible

Our clients have access to their SEO campaigns 24/7.

Look you have a firm to run, clients to serve. You want to get answers without having to chase anyone.

When working with us you can contact us directly anytime, for an easy to understand response. We make sure that you are updated without you having to chase us.

Trust is built on transparency

We don’t just send you a monthly report and assume that you read it.

With us, you will have access to your SEO campaign on-demand. You will be able to see all your results in real-time.

Your firm shouldn’t be treated like another “client”.

We see clients as strategic partners. Not just a number. 

With us, you have a voice, and you are known. You will understand exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it.

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